Master Ventriloquist Tim Holland is not the only daredevil on the stage, but try doing death-defying stunts while arguing with yourself! Either uncooperative or over-zealous, the Puppets always steal the show. 

Featuring ventriloquism, dangerous juggling objects, and a high unicycle, the show offers something for everyone. Tim has performed for the President of Singapore, trained with masters of comedy, and has a rubber-chicken that dances the can-can.

Tim has been professionally entertaining for almost 2 decades. His performance has taken him across Canada, as well as internationally to venues in Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has shared the stage with the likes of Sharon & Bram, Fred Penner and Martin Short.

Tim is a full time professional entertainer, but he is also a certified teacher. He lives in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada with his wife, 2 sons and Chase the “talking” dog.


Tim’s entertainment career began unexpectedly in the community of White River, Ontario thanks to Winnie the Pooh and a town councilor named Rodney Swarek.

The small Northern community is home to Winnie the Pooh, an actual black bear who inspired the famed stories of A.A. Milne well before he became a popular Disney cartoon. Every summer, the community celebrates this fact with the annual Winnie the Pooh Festival.

One summer, Tim was working in White River with Outward Bound Wilderness School when Rodney Swarek noticed Tim juggling while checking in on the school’s rental site. Just a hobby at the time, Rodney suggested he put his talent on the festival stage, where a hastily planned comedic juggling routine found warm reception with the Northern Ontario crowd. From that point forward, Tim was hooked. He practiced all year to bring more skill to the act before departing on his first performing tour the following summer.

From juggling and unicycling, to ventriloquism and puppetry, Tim gained all his technical skills through years of hard work and dedication. For his stage presence and physical comedy, he is indebted to Michael Kennard (Mump of famed Canadian Clown duo Mump and Smoot) and Avner Eisenburg (aka Avner the Eccentric), who with Julie Goell teach Eccentric Performing out of Celebration Barn in Maine.