Get your students excited about language learning with Tim the Stunt Ventriloquist’s bilingual show. As an accomplished performer and certified teacher, Tim shares real life stories of how French helped his career. Students will then be amazed by a show where French is spoken side by side with English to ease comprehension. Prior to the show, Tim will provide examples of relevant French vocabulary and phrasing for the 5-10minute Questions and Answers period that will follow the 40 minute show. Entire presentation length 45-50 minutes and appropriate for grades K-8


Ventriloquist uses puppets, juggling to extol virtues of bilingualism (By Desmond Devoy, Perth Courier)

Tim Holland performing at Perth school
What better way to mark Pink Shirt Day than with a bilingual ventriloquist?  It may seem like a bit of a contorted setup, but then, for “stunt ventriloquist,” Tim Holland, that works just great.  Speaking to students and staff at Queen Elizabeth Public School in Perth on Wednesday, Feb. 22, Holland said that being a bilingual performer “has been my biggest strength,” as well as being “a great asset, a real gift.”  As a performer, he saw the power of bilingualism firsthand when he took to the stage in Montreal.  “All of the performers were speaking bilingually,” in both English and French, he said. “Everyone could enjoy the show together.”  During a later performance, he was touring Europe with a motley crew that included a musician, a sword swallower, and a mime.  “Only me and the mime could perform in Paris,” he joked.  Now, “I can do this show in French and it is really fun,” he said. Further to this, learning French has helped him learn other languages, like Spanish.  “A lot of the sounds and verb conjugations are very similar,” he said.  He also commended the students for taking part in Pink Shirt Day, saying that “we all deserve to be our best, unique selves,” in either official language.







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