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Tim on unicycle with parrot puppet

Bio for Print or Stage Introductions  (Feel free to edit to suit)

Master Ventriloquist Tim Holland attempts death defying stunts while arguing with himself. You can try to see if his lips are moving, but you’ll probably miss something funny or amazing. The Zany characters Tim brings to life always steal the show.  Tim has been professionally entertaining for almost 2 decades. His performing adventures have taken him across Canada as well as internationally to venues in Europe, Asia, and Australia. He’s shared venues with the likes of Splash and Boots, Sharon & Bram, Fred Penner and Martin Short. Get Set for More Laughs than you can Shake a Stick-Puppet at...

The show features ventriloquism, dangerous juggling objects, and a high unicycle. He has performed for the President of Singapore, trained with masters of comedy, and has a rubber-chicken that dances the can-can.

RIDER (Not applicable to all Venues)


Within Southern Ontario Performer can provide suitable sound for an audience up to 400. If performer is flying to reach venue Purchaser provides sound system. Performer brings a wireless microphone requiring 1 electrical input and 1 XLR input into the Sound System. The performer does not require any assistance with music cues .

Lighting (Where applicable)

A warm wash on the stage, no special lighting. House lights dim allowing minimal visibility for volunteer selection and safe passage to stage.   

Stage Size / Performing Space

The minimum performance area dimensions are 2 by 3 Metres. If a stage is not already established for an event, the performer can stand on his flight case to create a simple stage. Regarding high unicycle finale, if there is less than 4 x 6 Metres, high unicycle finale is performed on ground level with the audience. Because the unicycle elevates the performer the audience site line remains enhanced. The performer will always joke about tight conditions, but its just jokes. Ceiling height has never been an issue, 10 foot ceiling or greater is ideal. When planning stage, avoid if possible, obstacles to audience site-lines such as  big chandeliers or hanging basket ball nets. Volunteers from the audience are an essential part of the show, if the stage is not low enough to step up onto, please ensure that there are stairs (preferably on side, but front is OK) for volunteers to safely get up on and off of the stage.      

Le Petit Chef

Strolling entertainment is not amplified; it interacts with individuals and small groups within voice range to the performer and creates a visual spectacle throughout the event site. It is not a stage performance and should not be programmed as such.